Past Projects

National Meteorological Center Modernization, Croatia – USTDA (2006)

National Meteorological Center Modernization
The Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service of the Republic of Croatia requested assistance to develop a comprehensive plan for the modernization of the national meteorological and hydrological observational networks as well as for modernization of other infrastructure components for weather, water, and environmental monitoring and forecasting capabilities.  The efforts included:

Evaluation […]

Hydromet Instrumentation Design and Installation, Canada – Brookfield Power (2006)

Hydrometeorological Instrumentation Design and Installation
This project was a result from a Request for Proposal to install real-time surface monitoring systems for Brookfield Power in a region where there were hydrogenation concerns.  The task included the design of a small network of surface monitoring stations and the application of a telecommunications system to best suit the […]

Meteorological Data Network Modernization, Romania – USTDA (2005)

National Meteorological Center Meteorological Data Network Modernization
This project was named INTEROPERATE and involved the upgrade and enhancement of the functionalities of the Nation Integrated Meteorological System (SIMIN) in Romania.  INTEROPERATE added essential data processing capabilities to Romania’s integrated management system for meteorology while also developing ongoing training programs for professionals in this field.  Specific objectives […]