Project Description

Hydrometeorological Network Modernization

The Bulgarian Government requested assistance in the development of a national environmental and flood monitoring system.  This system would augment the capabilities developed in the ongoing Integrated Emergency Management System that is already supported.

Bulgaria lacked the ability to detect and respond to environmental disasters.  Major flood along the Danube River had historically wrecked havoc up the nation.  Flooding in recent years caused nearly $100 million USD in damages while affecting 2 million people.  Over 6,300 buildings were damaged in the process.

This project included a complete analysis of the country of Bulgaria’s ability to provide flood forecasts which led to recommendations that would not only include infrastructure changes, but also changes in the science (i.e. forecast models) using up to date technologies including early warning through improved flood forecasting, now-casting through the use of tools such as a sophisticated radar network, and emergency response action items.

A detailed report was provided to the United States Trade and Development Agency outlining a course that if implemented would result in mitigating the loss of property and lives from extreme weather events, such as floods.