Special Studies:

Innovative Hydrology has extensive experience performing and producing the necessary elements of a Feasibility Study. Tasks include stocktaking, gap assessment and envisioning.

Bangladesh Water Level Stations


Innovative Hydrology has experience in the design of the following networks

  • General Hydrology
  • Snow and Glacier
  • Flood and Early Warning
  • Meteorological Observation
    • Doppler Weather Radar Planning
    • Upper Air
    • Remote Sensing
    • Surface observations
    • Aviation
  • Water Quality
  • Climate Reference
  • Telecommunications
Reservoir Bubbler


We offer service to all components involved in network installation, from sensors, data loggers, telemetry, data retrieval and visualization. We also offer services of operation and maintenance of your network or can provide operation and maintenance training to your staff.

Installation services offered include all aspects of a real-time data collection network

  • Sensors
    • Surface Water
    • Groundwater
    • Water Quality
    • Climate
    • Snow/Rainfall
  • Data loggers
  • Telemetry
    • Mobile (GSM/GPRS)
    • Satellite (GOES, METEOSAT, INSAT, Iridium, INMARSAT
    • Interrogated Radio (SCADA, ALERT)
  • Data Collection and Visualization