Project Description

National Meteorological Center Meteorological Data Network Modernization

This project was named INTEROPERATE and involved the upgrade and enhancement of the functionalities of the Nation Integrated Meteorological System (SIMIN) in Romania.  INTEROPERATE added essential data processing capabilities to Romania’s integrated management system for meteorology while also developing ongoing training programs for professionals in this field.  Specific objectives included:

  • Modernization and enhancement of the observation and processing subsystems for climatology
  • Modernization of the agro-meteorological monitoring and forecast processes, and integrating them into a national system
  • Modernization of atmospheric pollution monitoring and forecast processes, and integrating them into a national system
  • Development of a national meteorological data processing and storage center, encompassing data from SIMIN, DESWAT, and WATMAN
  • Development of an ongoing training program for meteorologists, agro-meteorologists, and environmental experts, with appropriate facilities

Our role as Senior Project Scientist  involved the development of strategy to successfully deal with modernization issues.  Extensive work was performed on investigating both regional models as well as models based in the United States.  A plan to integrate agro-meteorological and monitoring forecasts was developed along with a plan for integration into a national system.

The largest part of this effort was spent on integrating the information from their various programs into a unified information system.  SIMIN, DESWAT, and WATMAN were developed in a relative vacuum with respect to each other.  Our task was to bring all these projects together so that information could be shared between projects. This was a considerable integration project.