Project Description

Telecommunications Infrastructure Modernization

The main objective of this assignment is to conduct a communications systems assessment and provide recommendations, equipment specifications and a procurement plan for an upgraded communications network in Nyungwe National Park.  

Activities undertaken included:

  • Review current communications in Nyungwe National Park and discuss communications problems with the Chief Warden of the Park and his staff
  • Visit and assess NNP radio posts, staffing, security and power requirements
  • Identify additional sites for inclusion in radio network
  • Conduct radio path analysis between current and proposed sites in the communications network
  • Develop a plan to upgrade communications capabilities in Nyungwe National Park including equipment specifications for portable radios (used by park administrator, guides, and trackers), stationary radios and antennas, and power for radio stations and/or repeater stations (which simply relay radio signals and overcome line-of-site constraints)
  • Prepare report summarizing assessment findings, recommendations and plan for communications upgrade
  • Assist the micro-hydro specialist in assessing transmission options