Flood Warning Modernization, California, USA – Sutter County (2010)

Flood Warning System Modernization Sutter County is surrounded by a levee system which protects the County from high water on  the Sacramento and Feather River, as well flood flow releases that flow through the Sutter Bypass.  In 2010, Innovative Hydrology modernized the Sutter County flood warning system which consisted of upgrading [...]


Meteorological and Hydrological Telecommunications, Philippines – USTDA (2009-2012)

Meteorological and Hydrological Telecommunications Upgrade The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) relies heavily on using telecommunication to get warnings and other meteorological services to the community that occupies the 7000 islands that make up the Philippines.  Innovative Hydrology provided consultancy on design, implementation, and training as part of [...]


Flood Warning, Aqaba, Jordan – USAID (2009)

Flood Warning System Loss of life and damage to commercial enterprises due to flash flooding has been an ongoing issue in Aqaba, Jordan. Innovative Hydrology joined CDM in a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded project to provide a flash flood warning system in the mountains above Aqaba. [...]


Weather Radar Feasibility Study, Morocco – USTDA (2008-2010)

National Weather Radar Modernization Feasibility Study In the Kingdom of Morocco, adverse weather and flooding activity costs the Government millions of dollars annually, severely impacting the quality of life of its citizens and its ability to advance economic development. The impact of flooding in recent years illustrates the need for [...]


Telecommunications Infrastructure Modernization, Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda – USAID (2007-2008)

Telecommunications Infrastructure Modernization The main objective of this assignment is to conduct a communications systems assessment and provide recommendations, equipment specifications and a procurement plan for an upgraded communications network in Nyungwe National Park.   Activities undertaken included: Review current communications in Nyungwe National Park and discuss communications problems with [...]


Surface Weather Network Modernization, Colombia – EMGESA, ACUEDUCTO, CAR (2007)

Surface Weather Network Modernization Evaluate surface monitoring network for a collaborative effort to improve measurement of hydrologic and meteorologic parameters.  Perform site survey of existing equipment and provide recommendations to EMGESA, ACUEDUCTO, and CAR which represent environmental and power generation concerns in Colombia, South America. Consider telecommunications infrastructure that will [...]


National Meteorological Center Modernization, Croatia – USTDA (2006)

National Meteorological Center Modernization The Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service of the Republic of Croatia requested assistance to develop a comprehensive plan for the modernization of the national meteorological and hydrological observational networks as well as for modernization of other infrastructure components for weather, water, and environmental monitoring and [...]


Hydromet Network Modernization, Bulgaria – USTDA (2006)

Hydrometeorological Network Modernization The Bulgarian Government requested assistance in the development of a national environmental and flood monitoring system.  This system would augment the capabilities developed in the ongoing Integrated Emergency Management System that is already supported. Bulgaria lacked the ability to detect and respond to environmental disasters.  Major flood [...]


Meteorological Data Network Modernization, Romania – USTDA (2005)

National Meteorological Center Meteorological Data Network Modernization This project was named INTEROPERATE and involved the upgrade and enhancement of the functionalities of the Nation Integrated Meteorological System (SIMIN) in Romania.  INTEROPERATE added essential data processing capabilities to Romania’s integrated management system for meteorology while also developing ongoing training programs for [...]